Please Note

If your pet needs to be to be admitted, boarded, have surgery or any other service provided in our clinic, it is required to be vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper.  Cats are required to have a Leukemia/FIV(Feline Immuno deficiency Virus, or feline aids) Test, and dogs must have a Heartworm/Lyme/Erlichia Test.

Small Animal/Exotic

    JAC specializes in the treatment of many types of small animals.  Your dog, cat, bird, snake, guinea pig, rabbit, turtle, ferret, rat, mice, hamster, and even pot belly pig will get quality care at JAC.


    Preventive health care, such as annual examinations, vaccinations, parasite prevention is the best way to enhance your pet's longevity and vitality. Remember, your pet's lifespan is shorter than ours. A lot can happen in 12 months!

Dental Health

Dental procedures are performed by a licensed technician and supervised by the Veterinarian. We have a modern dental x-ray machine and equipment for scaling, polishing, extractions, root canals, and antibiotic gel therapy for diseased gums.

Spay and Neutering

    After they are examined by a Veterinarian, any healthy, dewormed animal weighing 2 pounds, at least 8 weeks old with their first vaccinations can be spayed . There are many benefits of spaying or neutering your animal young. The procedure itself is shorter compared to surgery on an adult. The recovery time is fast and the animal often acts normal right after surgery. A young body allows healing to take place at a faster rate than with older animals. Preventing unwanted litters is very important to the overall health for your pet. New techniques for anesthesia and patient monitoring make pediatric surgeries extremely safe.


We offer boarding for animals up to 100 pounds. The staff care for boarded pets as if they were their own.  All animals that are boarded here are fed, watered and taken out at least three times daily.

               Boarding fees are according to weight:  0-20 lbs is $24/day,

                                                                                     21-49 lbs is $26/day

                                                                                     50-100 lbs is $27/day.

                                                                                     over 100 is $30


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